Water treatment installation for polishing glass

The glass industry uses water for both the production and processing of glass. For our customer, a European glass manufacturer and glass processor of different types of flat glass with headquarters in Belgium, water is therefore of vital importance. Polishing glass is one of the applications where a water treatment installation is required. Flat glass is undulating on a microscopic level and must be made 100% flat to be used in applications such as solar panels and safety glass. To polish or flatten glass you need a very abrasive mixing powder which, when added to water, smoothes the glass.

Powder dosing unit

A measured volume of demineralised water is heated with steam to approximately 70°C. The abrasive powder is then precisely weighed using a dosing system and mixed with the demineralised water in the mixing tank. Now the water is pumped into a dosing tank and is ready for use. It is then dosed onto the glass at a certain flow rate.

Water treatment installation for polishing glass, PCA Water
Water treatment installation for polishing glass, PCA Water

Wastewater treatment unit

After polishing, this water stream must be treated for reuse. For this purpose, we built the wastewater treatment installation with which we can recirculate the water in a closed circuit. The water is coagulated, neutralised and flocculated, with the pollution forming flakes that settle into sludge. A vacuum belt filter dewaters this sludge in a continuous system with limited manual input. This involves working in a closed circuit.

Drying unit

Even in the production phase where the glass is dried, we were able to offer a solution. Almeco, our sister company, specialises in drying systems and industrial fans. Using air knives and blowers, it is possible to dry the glass in an efficient and energy-saving way.


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