Our method

In general, when developing a project, we try to complete the following steps.


We discuss the problems and expectations with the customer. Afterwards, analyses are performed, if possible, to determine the exact composition of the water.

These analyses can be conducted either onsite in your production unit or in our lab. This will allow us to design the water treatment solution in function of the water composition and the required end quality.

Pilot installations

If possible and if required, we simulate the treatment technique on a small scale. This allows us to test the impact of the eventual installation to see if it meets your requirements.


As soon as the preferred solution has been determined, our project engineering department takes action. The installation is designed in function of the location, your needs and the production.

Internal production

By means of adequate screening of our suppliers and maximum internal production, we have the greatest possible control over the quality we are offering. This is how we try to avoid unpleasant delivery periods caused by external partners.


After the assembly and cabling of the installation by our technicians, the installation will be started up by our programmers and project managers.