PCA Water offers complete solutions for the treatment of process water and wastewater. Specialist in evaporators, ROs, ion exchangers, demi water and pretreatment.

PCA has been active in the field of process automation since 1991. As one of the few Belgian manufacturers, we have solid experience in various industries.

In 2008 PCA decided to group the automation activities into a separate department: Process Control & Automation. This department combines the expertise within PCA regarding PLC programming, process visualization, electrical cabinets and wiring, and process instrumentation.

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Water pretreatment at Gustav Wolf, PCA water

PCA designed and build an installation for the treatment of waste water at Gustav Wolf...

process water treatment Citrique

Citrique switches from groundwater to surface water with...

plc waterbehandeling

PCA developped 8 mobile pilot installations. With these pilote installations Vlakwa...


winner siemens award, PCA

PCA has provided a water treatment installation for Citrique Belgie, which allows the...