Waste water


A vacuum evaporator is a technology which often allows water to be recycled in closed circuit. Moreover, it is a technique that requires little space and limited manual monitoring.

Physico-chemical purification, PCA

Physico-chemical water treatment is a frequently used technique to purify water. It is actually a collective name for different technologies based on dosing, pH control in function of the residual solubility, sludge discharge...

Biological purification

In case of biological treatment the purpose is usually to reduce the COD, BOD and/or N concentration in the water stream. To this end nitrification and/or denitrification are often the best option.

Heavy metals removal, ion exchanger

The waste stream of an industrial activity often contains heavy metals. These are usually removed in 2 ways.

COD/BOD removal, PCA

There are different options for COD/BOD removal.

Nitrogen removal, PCA

Nitrogen can occur in water in different forms. Depending on the form and concentration, there is a choice between different techniques.

Sludge dewatering, PCA

In many water treatment processes a sludge fraction is created during the treatment process. This sludge fraction usually needs to be dewatered before being discharged.


Physico-chemical waste water treatment at Gustav Wolf, PCA water

PCA designed and build an installation for the treatment of waste water at Gustav Wolf...

Zero discharge of waste water at Corradi, PCA

PCA designed a tailor-made water purification system for Corradi that combines a...

water treatment plant

A well-known customer contacted PCA for the construction and assembly of a new water...