In 2021, Colors (formerly Laramno) installed a completely new pre-treatment line. For their water treatment, they have once again chosen to work with PCA

At the end of 2021 PCA installed a completely new water treatment plant at Silvamo, which operates as a landfill site for non-hazardous waste.

Recently Decormetal called on PCA to install a vacuum evaporator.

In 2021, PCA started up a new die cleaning installation at ETEM (Bulgaria) to clean their aluminium extrusion dies. 

Recently, the company Alumet (Netherlands) built and started a completely new anodising line.

Smallest PCA evaporator

We installed the smallest evaporator that PCA has ever built.

reference fysical chemical treatment

PCA places second physico-chemical treatment plant for aluminium expert.

Duplex RO

Production is never interrupted thanks to parallel-built ROs.

spraying system

PCA developed a solution for dust problems.

PCA develops and builds safe and efficient alternatives for cleaning dies used during aluminium extrusion.