Membrane technologies

In this group you can find the different separation technologies that are based on membrane filtration. This includes both membranes for the separation of suspended materials, but also membranes for producing demineralised water.

Ultrafiltration, PCA Water

Ultrafiltration is used to remove floating substances, bacteria, fibres... and can also be used as pretreatment for reverse osmosis installations or for biological water treatment (MBR).

Nanofiltration, PCA Water

Nanofiltration is applied to remove multivalent ions (like heavy metals) and is often used for decolorisation, desalting, reducing the amount of organic matter... With addition of antiscalants, NF can also be used as water softener.

Reverse osmosis, PCA Water

Reverse osmosis (RO) separates at ion level and retains the dissolved salts.

Electrodeionization, PCA Water

Removing charged particles (such as ions) can be done, besides ion exchange, with elektrodialysis (EDI). This is a membrane process where separation happens under influence of an electric field.


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