Cleaning dies for aluminium extrusion

During aluminum extrusion, the dies are polluted with aluminum. It is important to clean the dies in a safe and ergonomic way. It is very important that sufficient amounts of airĀ are extracted to avoid risk of explosion.

In addition, the cleaning is carried out using NaOH. It is therefore important that the operator comes into contact with this alkaline as little as possible.

These risks are well under control in the system that was developed by PCA.

die cleaning system
die cleaning system

The advantages of the PCA system are:

  • The operator never comes in contact with the caustic soda. The process tanks, where the dies are put in, are empty when he takes the dies out or when he puts them in the tank.
  • As the process tanks are empty when opened and as there is a negative pressure, there are no fumes entering the working zone of the operators.
  • Thanks to the design of the system, the dies will be cleaned much faster than in a simple heated tank.
  • The system is flexible. It is suitable for different types of dies (large and small presses).
  • The installation is built, respecting of the ATEX safety precautions.

We can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.

die cleaning system


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