Ion exchange systems

Water softener, PCA Water

A water softener is a type of ion exchanger where the Ca and Mg ions are exchanged, usually for sodium ions.

Acid recovery is a technique that is regularly used to separate acids from metal salts by using specific ion exchange resins.

Cation-Anion ion exchanger, PCA Water

Cation-Anion ion exchangers are used to produce demineralised water. In this process, it is important that both positively and negatively charged ions are removed. Therefore a treatment in 2 steps is required.

Mixed bed, PCA Water

Sometimes the demineralised water of an ion exchanger or RO is not of a sufficient quality and an extra treatment is needed. This is called 'polishing'.

Selective ion exchanger, PCA Water

Apart from the standard cation-anion ion exchange, there is a large range of selective ion exchange systems available. These ion exchange-resins are particularly suited to remove specific components out of the water.


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