Water pretreatment

Coagulation / Neutralisation / Flocculation, PCA Water

In a physico-chemical water treatment, the objective is often to precipitate the contaminating components to form a sludge which can be easily separated.

Detoxication, PCA Water

Detoxication can cover multiple different subjects. Removing pesticides and other toxic organic compounds can be done in an SBR or MBR by means of biological digestion.

pH and redox control, PCA Water

In many processes, pH is an important parameter. It is important to measure it correctly and to be able to adjust it afterwards.

Decantation, PCA Water

Decantation is an often used purification method. Both for physico-chemical treatment and in biological treatment installations.

Flotation, PCA Water

Flotation is an alternative to a settling tank. During flotation the sludge will float on top of the water surface, while in a settler the sludge will settle.

Evaporator, PCA Water

Wastewater is purified and then reused in a closed cycle. That’s why vacuum evaporators are THE sustainable solution for the future!


Water pretreatment at Gustav Wolf, PCA water

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