Studies, pilot & lab tests, PCA

The solution of a certain problem is often not so obvious. It is therefore recommended to conduct an in-depth study to compare the different potential solutions with each other in function of investment cost, operational cost, required results...

Calibrations, PCA

The probes are essential in controlling a water treatment installation. These can be pH, redox or oxygen probes, as well as conductivity, level or pressure probes...

Follow-up & optimisation, PCA

Many companies are subject to changes or changing regulations. For instance: stricter discharge standards, altered composition of waste water...

Cleaning of membrane installations, PCA

RO and nano-filtration membranes have to be cleaned regularly by means of a CIP (Cleaning in Place).

Maintenance, PCA

Every installation requires maintenance. This maintenance can be arranged by the customer or can be done by PCA technicians if the customer does not have the time or the required knowledge to do this.