4 steps to clean dies safely

4 steps to clean dies safely

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Cleaning dies is often a work that involves many health and safety risks. PCA has developed a highly efficient method that guarantees the safety of the operator and his environment.

Risks associated with die cleaning

Die cleaning is often a slow and labour-intensive process. The chemical cleaning equipment often does not meet the requirements in terms of productivity, ergonomics and safety. Hazardous caustic soda’s are used which disperse unpleasant fumes. This can have very serious consequences for the health of the operators. Measures must also be taken regarding ATEX. Moreover, the installation is often tucked away somewhere in a remote corner, which means that specific circumstances have to be taken into account.

Safe and efficient die cleaning in four steps

In order to drastically improve working conditions and increase the speed of the cleaning process, PCA has developed a better and safer system:

  1. The operator places the dies in empty process tanks. He does not come into contact with the NaOH solution. 
  2. The dies are immersed in heated NaOH solution in a closed process tank. During this process, the aluminum residue will be dissolved. Because these tanks are at negative pressure, there is almost no vapour released in the environment. In addition, a relatively high flow rate of fresh air ensures that the H2 concentration cannot get too.
  3. In a third step, the dies are rinsed with water in the same tank to rinse away as much dirt as possible.
  4. Only when all steps have been completed and the tanks are empty again, the lid opens and the operator can remove the dies from the process tank. The operator therefore never comes into contact with hazardous substances or gases.

Advantages of this method

In addition to these relevant safety benefits, our solution also has a number of other advantages:

  • EFFICIENCY: the cleaning process is a lot faster compared to the classic method. One of our references speaks of 50% time saving.
  • CUSTOM-MADE: our installations are completely custom designed. After all, dies can vary in number, shape and dimensions. Also the available space is an important variable. Moreover, each production process has its own specific characteristics.
  • TOTAL CONCEPT: the system is developed and installed from A to Z. Our own automation department is responsible for the programming and control and our own air purification department can add an air treatment if necessary.
  • ATEX CONFORM: the installation complies with ATEX safety measures.

PCA can help you with this technology in design and construction of the installation, as well as in follow-up and maintenance.


Are you also looking for a safe method to clean your dies? Please contact us so that we can work out the most suitable solution together.