First aid to avoid legionella growth!

First aid to avoid legionella growth!

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Legionella is a bacterium that can cause legionellosis or pontiac fever. Both diseases occur through the inhalation of water spray infected with the bacterium. Legionellosis has the most powerful symptoms, a chronic lung disease that can have dangerous or even fatal consequences. This condition is better known as legionnaires’ disease, named after the famous epidemic during a reunion of an American legion of veterans from the Vietnam War.

Avoid legionella growth, PCA

The danger of legionella

The legionella bacterium has several high-risk areas in which the disease can manifest itself. In order to limit outbreaks, the government established strict prevention rules for certain companies or institutions where the bacterium is able to grow. Next to hospitals, hotels and campsites, wet cooling towers also form an important risk factor.

These cooling towers are used for the cooling of a building or industrial process by spraying water which then scatters like a light fog. In this manner, the legionella bacterium can spread through the air covering a distance of 10 kilometers, causing a potential hazard to the surrounding area.

When is your cooling tower a potential problem? The following features are very conducive to the development of legionella:

  • Temperatures between 25 and 50°C

  • Formation of a biological contamination

  • Formation of inorganic deposits

  • Zones with corrosion

  • Zones with stagnant or prolonged stationary water

Avoid legionella growth, PCA

Maintaining your cooling tower and controlling the above features is a necessity. A cooling tower in poor condition has up to 50 times more risk of causing contamination in comparison with a well maintained installation.

PCA to the rescue!

In order to prevent legionellosis, all possible high-risk areas must compose a management plan commissioned by the government. This plan includes a comprehensive risk analysis regarding legionella formation in the water supply. The analysis will investigate both the risk-limiting and risk-promoting factors regarding contamination. After this phase of the management plan, we are able to recommend prevention measures that are needed to avoid or control any risk of legionella infection.

PCA is equipped to design these management plans on behalf of the customer for all locations with a wet cooling tower. In addition, you can count on our service for the complete follow-up of you cooling installation(s).  

We conclude annual contracts with our customers to regularly conduct samplings of the cooling water according to the current methods. The water is tested for hardness, chlorides, iron, pH, conductivity and legionella. These samples are then examined in an approved lab. Based on these results, we provide advice on the necessary measures to combat legionella or to maintain/obtain the perfect water quality.

If these tests show the dosage of the chemicals to be wrong, PCA carries out the needed adjustments and provides the follow-up. We distribute a wide range of chemicals and instrumentation to make sure we can offer you several possible solutions.

The full package

In addition to the follow-up of the cooling water, your cooling tower also requires the necessary maintenance. For this, we gladly refer to our sister company Almeco. Looking for a new cooling tower? Almeco could also be your supplier for several brands and types of new cooling towers, whereby PCA is responsible for the installation of the automatic dosing systems. With our combined knowledge, we guide you from A to Z on the road to an optimal cooling tower.