New pilot installation

New pilot installation

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Broad spectrum of applications

A few months ago, PCA invested in an additional pilot installation. This installation allows us to test various membrane filtration techniques at the customer's premises at a flow rate of 200 l/h.

The installation provides both pre-filtration and demineralisation. The pre-filtration can both be micro- and ultrafiltration, crossflow or dead-end. Demineralisation is done via nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

Thanks to the many sensors and the logging of various values, it becomes possible for us to accurately monitor the operation. Through a 4G connection, observation can even be done remotely. Moreover, we have the possibility to build the device internally in a container and thus ship it directly to the customer. This saves a lot of time and the start-up is quick and efficient.

The pilot installation can be used to carry out tests on wastewater and on water from canals, rivers,..

In short, a broad spectrum of applications and a big step forward in water treatment for PCA.

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