Water recovery in battery production

Water recovery in battery production

Water Treatment Solutions

We are investing more and more in environmentally friendly products. Electric cars, for example, have been on the rise for several years now. Rising demand for electric cars also means rising demand for car batteries. More factories are needed to keep up production for these batteries. PCA offers a solution for the waste water that is released as a result.

It concerns a very specific type of waste water. The waste water from a battery production unit is usually contaminated with ammonium and sodium sulphate (Na2SO4). Sometimes there are also traces of heavy metals. PCA has experience in the treatment and recovery of this specific type of waste water. Through the combination of different technologies, we can not only treat the waste water, but also upgrade it so that it can be reused as demineralised water. The ammonium fraction can also be reused in the production of batteries. The sodium sulphate will be separated as a pure and dewatered fraction so that it can be sold to third parties. If there are also traces of heavy metals in the waste water, they are first separated as a residual fraction and must be treated separately via a water purification system. With the right choice of waste water treatment, we can again ensure recovery of the water.

Our solution is therefore an almost completely closed system in which almost no waste water is released.

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We can also help with the intake of fresh water for the production process. With our systems we can upgrade the incoming water to high quality demineralised water. The process is adapted to the origin of the water: urban water, surface water, rainwater, ... . 

Are you active in the sector of automotive batteries or ordinary batteries? Do you need help with the treatment of waste water? Do not hesitate to contact us! PCA can assist in the engineering, construction and start-up of such installations.