Leachate treatment installation

At the end of 2021 PCA installed a completely new water treatment plant at Silvamo, which operates as a landfill site for non-hazardous waste. This plant treats rainwater that has been polluted by the landfill waste, so basically it is a leachate water treatment.  In this plant, both suspended solids are removed, and conductivity is greatly reduced.


The plant includes the following combined technologies:

  1. Pre-treatment of the leachate water by coagulation and pre-filtration via a duplex sand filter.
  2. Ultrafiltration where a crossflow principle was chosen because of the high degree of pollution of the water to be treated.
  3. A high-pressure reverse osmosis (RO) system in order to meet the imposed discharge standards.

Our online platform also allows our costumer to easily monitor the installation and keep a logbook of daily, weekly and monthly discharge volumes (including measured values such as pH and conductivity).