New waste water effluent plant and DI water production unit at Alumet (NL)

Recently, the company Alumet (Netherlands) built and started a completely new anodising line. This line allows Alumet to anodise large volumes of aluminium and finish the aluminium in different colours.

Alumet relies on PCA for all its water management, this includes several installations:

  • A physical-chemical plant to purify the wastewater from the anodising line so it meets the discharge standards. The capacity of the plant is approximately 30 m³/h and has two large buffer tanks, a two-stage reactor, two sedimentation tanks and a large automatic chamber filter press.
  • A RO-system (reverse osmosis) to produce 10 m³/h demineralised water at a conductivity of 15 µS.
  • A closed-circuit ion exchanger to produce demineralised rinse water. By working in a closed cycle, almost all the water can be recovered. This installation has a capacity of 8 m³/h.
  • Because there is also a tin bath, a special installation has been provided to treat this wastewater separately and obtain pure tin sludge which is sold afterwards.
  • An acid recovery system to maintain a low aluminium concentration in the anodising bath without losing too much acid.

It is a combination of different technologies which PCA installed. Everything is controlled from one touch panel and is convenient to manage. Thanks to the internet connection, the customer can log into the system at any time to monitor the current situation.