Smallest PCA evaporator

Our customer, located in the Antwerp region, is active in the chemical pretreatment of aluminium profiles. After this pre-treatment, the profiles are powder coated. In the past, the waste water from the pre-treatment line was collected in a buffer tank and then collected by an accredited processor. However, this resulted in an expensive and permanent cost. Our customer therefore wanted a sustainable solution, in which the rinse water was reused in a closed circuit.

The evaporator was the most interesting solution in this specific case. Given the limited flow rate and the limited space available to the customer. Other advantages of an evaporator are the limited follow-up, the low need for chemical products and the low energy consumption. 

The evaporator purifies 150 litres of rinse water per day (1 050 litres/week). The purified water has a conductivity of approximately 15 µS, so it can be used directly as demi water in the pre-treatment.

We installed the smallest vacuum evaporator that PCA has ever built.


Looking for sustainable solutions? It is certainly interesting to evaluate fixed disposal costs! Feel free to contact our colleagues!

smallest evaporator pca