Duplex RO for Silac

Silac is a surface treatment company in Champlitte France. They specialise in the surface treatment of metals such as aluminium. These activities require large quantities of demineralised water. In 2005, PCA already installed a Reverse Osmosis (= RO)  installation and a wastewater treatment plant. 

In 2019, Silac came to PCA again. Due to the environmental conditions in which the RO was located, it needed to be replaced. In addition, PCA had to take into account a number of new parameters, such as the continuity of their demi water intake. Since the RO's are fed with river water and there is only limited pre-treatment, a CIP has to be carried out regularly on the RO plant. Also, sometimes a higher consumption is required. 

PCA developed and built a duplex RO. The entire installation was built in parallel. This way they can count on a continuous supply of demi water and the process never has to be interrupted when one of the two installations needs maintenance or cleaning. On the other hand, they can also run both devices together and produce twice as much demineralised water in the event of a sudden increase in demand. The entire installation can produce 6 m³/h of demineralised water.


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Duplex RO