RO water treatment

Reverse osmosis water treatment, PCA

Reverse osmosis installations are used for the production of demineralised water. This is done by letting water flow over a membrane at high speed, where the demineralised water (the permeate) is pushed through the membrane while the salts remain. These salts are concentrated and discarded in a concentrate stream.

It is important that the incoming water is softened or an anti-scalant is dosed to improve the life time of the membranes.

Production of demineralised permeate is continue and at a stable quality. There is no need for regeneration, as with ion-exchange, which results in less downtime and no requirement of acid or alkaline. Additionally, an RO-installation has a minimal need for monitoring and maintenance.

A good design of the RO-installation, based on a water analysis, is crucial. PCA can help you by designing and building a customized unit.