Water pretreatment at Gustav Wolf

Water pretreatment at Gustav Wolf, PCA water

Gustav Wolf is an international manufacturer of steel wire and steel cables. With nine production sites all over the world, they are a major player in the steel industry. For their newly built plant in Poland, they relied on PCA for the treatment of their waste water. In addition, we provided the cooling water circuit and installed everything necessary to distribute the groundwater throughout the factory.

The big advantage for the customer is that they only have one point of contact for all these aspects of the production where everything is centralized in one overarching PLC control system with interface.

Fysico-chemische afvalwaterzuivering bij Gustav Wolf, PCA water

Waste water treatment

The waste water consists of both concentrate and rinse water and comes from different production lines. Through physico-chemical treatment, the pollution in the waste water is flocculated and afterwards the flocked sludge is dewatered. The water is then discharged. In a later phase we will work towards reusing (part of) this water. The sludge is disposed of as a solid mass.

The installation is dimensioned for a capacity of 15 m³/h of waste water. In order to limit the operational costs, an advanced automation of the installation was chosen. This automation (based on Siemens TIA Portal) with interface touchscreen makes it possible to monitor everything accurately and to log the values. The installed infrastructure is a good foundation to be able to evolve to an industry 4.0 installation in the short term.

Both the complete engineering process, as well as the assembly and start-up on site, were taken care of by us in close cooperation with the customer.

Cooling water

In cooperation with Almeco, PCA's sister company, everything was provided for the cooling water of the wire drawing machines. Almeco supplied the cooling tower. PCA took care of the control, the circulation pumps and the integration of the heat exchanger.

There is also the possibility to cool the cooling water with outside air to heat the production hall. An energy efficient solution.

Water pretreatment at Gustav Wolf, PCA water


The groundwater pump is also included in the control provided by PCA, together with the hydrophone groups to distribute the water over the entire production process.


As a final part of the project, we also provided all pumps and controls to pump HCl to the pickling baths.  We also took the necessary measures to store the contaminated HCl in the double-walled tanks.


Are you looking for a physico-chemical water treatment or optimization of your current installation? Or do you need a different type of water treatment installation? Then contact us and discover a tailor-made solution for your problem.