Selective ion exchanger

Apart from the standard cation-anion ion exchange, there is a large range of selective ion exchange systems available. These ion exchange-resins are particularly suited to remove specific components out of the water. Here it is important that this component is found in a relatively small concentration. If this concentration is too high, the ion exchange system needs to be regenerated too often. The regenerated liquid then contains too high of a concentration of the to be removed compound and subsequenlty this flow needs to be treated in another installation or the water needs to be evacuated externally.

A selective ion exchange system generally consists of one type of resin, but these resins are distributed in 2 bottles which are placed in series. This way there is more certainty about the proper removal of the pollution. 

It is recommended to check case by case if selective ion exchange can be a solution for particular problems. Examples are the removal of heavy metals out of waste water, zinc pollution out of rain water...

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.

Selectieve ionenwisselaar, PCA Water