Profils Systèmes chooses PCA again

Profils Systèmes is a French company active in surface treatment of aluminium. The treatment of aluminium requires large quantities of demineralised water and specific chemicals. After the treatment, the company has large quantities of waste water to process.

In 2003, PCA installed the first physico-chemical treatment plant on their site for their waste water treatment. Thanks to their economic growth in recent years, their plant was expanded with an additional surface treatment line. This has resulted in more waste water and this year they decided to install a completely new physico-chemical plant. As they were very satisfied with the previous installation, they called on PCA once again. Due to the high flow rate, a classic example of physico-chemical treatment was chosen, consisting of three steps: neutralisation, coagulation and flocculation. The plant treats 8.4 m³/h.  As PCA is committed to sustainability, we were able to recover various components from the previous installation. 

The colleagues of PCA Control did all the programming for this wastewater treatment plant. Moreover, PCA can always log in to the system to carry out any updates or to solve problems remotely. All other maintenance can be carried out by Profils Systèmes itself.

In addition to waste water treatment, PCA was also given responsibility for the production of demineralised water. We installed a third Reverse Osmosis. Two of the RO's work with tap water. The concentrate of these ROs is used as food for the third RO. Only when there is a shortage of concentrate, tap water is used. In this way, maximum water savings can be made. 

Finally, PCA also installed the dosing pumps for the chemicals for the water treatment. PCA Control took care of the complete control of all the required chemicals.

In addition, all installations are in accordance with industry 4.0 with internet connection and logging of data. 

 physico-chemical treatment

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 physico-chemical treatment
 physico-chemical treatment