PCA helps Wilms to eliminate waste water

When building a new line for the chemical pretreatment and powder coating of aluminium profiles, the company Wilms (Meerhout) chose PCA to handle its water management. The objective was to eliminate any waste water.

To achieve this goal, two closed loops were required: one for the waste water and one for the demineralised water.

A vacuum evaporator was selected to reuse the wastewater in a closed circuit. The waste water contained significant levels of fluorides and a robust option of high-grade stainless steel was therefore selected.

The distillate of the evaporator has a conductivity of about 50 µS/cm and can be reused as rinsing water after etching/degreasing. In case there is not enough water in the circuit, rain water or tap water is added automatically.

The second closed circuit is the ion exchanger. Thanks to the ion exchanger, the demineralised water can be circulated in a closed-loop. This set-up results in a limited loss of demineralised water.

The whole process has been developed by PCA. The assembly and control were also carried out by our own team.