Filter press

A chamber filter press is developed for the dewatering of sludge. It is composed of a certain number of plates on which a filter cloth is attached on both sides. By placing these plates next to each other, "chambers" are formed into which the sludge is pumped. The filtrate water will evacuate through the cloth while the sludge remains in the chamber.

Once these chambers are filled with a solid sludge ‘cake’, the room filter press must be opened to remove the sludge. Then the process can be repeated.

This dewatering process takes place under pressure. This pressure is delivered by a pump which pushes the sludge into the filter press chambers. The higher the pressure of this pump, the more water will be pushed out of the sludge and the dryer the resulting sludge will be. Usually ±15 bar is used.

Generally the sludge is pretreated before dewatering. It is important that the sludge is sufficiently flocked because otherwise the filter cloths can get clogged quickly.

A room filter press can be designed in various sizes, depending on the need of the customer.

A filter press is dimensioned in function of the amount of sludge, the sludge concentration, the number of times that the press can be opened etc.

One can choose between full manual presses or (semi) automatic presses.

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.

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