Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter, PCA Water

Activated carbon is a type of carbon with a large specific surface. On this surface, lots of unwanted components can attach. This makes activated carbon an ideal filter medium.

Adsorption to activated carbon works best on non-polar substances. Therefore it is excellent at removing colors, flavors and aromas. In the production of drinking water, activated carbon filters are responsible for adsorbing harmful organic components such as pesticides.

Activated carbon is often used in the industry as a polishing stage in water purification, in order to remove a residual fraction of organic pollution.

It is important that the liquid to be treated, contains (almost) no suspended matter, as this will cause the active carbon filter to quickly block and sharply decrease its absorption capacity.

It is advised to frequently flush an activated carbon filter to prevent preferential flow. However, flushing will not lead to reactivation of the absorption capacity. Reactivation of activated carbon is only possible in specialized installations.

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.