A filter is a way to separate based on the particle size. The principle is the same as a sieve. Particles that are too big are withheld by the openings, while smaller particles or the fluid itself can pass through.

Despite the fact that this seems to be a simple principle, the choice of the right filter is not easy. Many aspects have to be taken into account:

  • The amount of sludge (suspended matter) to be separated
  • Risk of clogging of the filter
  • Hardening of the sludge
  • Chemical resistance of the filter housing
  • ...

In addition, it is also important to determine whether to use a manual or automatic filter. With a manual filter, the operator must replace (or clean) the clogged filter himself. With an automatic filter, sludge (suspended matter) is automatically removed. This can be done in different ways (backwashing, scraping...)

Other types of filters for example are sand filters, multimedia filters or activated carbon filters.

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.

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