PCA installs a second water treatment plant at Smart Systems

water treatment plant
water treatment plant  smart systems
water treatment plant  smart systems

Smart Systems contacted PCA for the construction and assembly of a new water treatment installation. Smart Systems is a leading supplier of aluminum profiles and glazing systems for commercial and private purposes in the United Kingdom.

PCA has already placed and launched a first water treatment plant with Smart Systems in 2010. Thanks to the company’s beautiful growth over the last few years, and consequently the desire to double their production, a new installation was needed.

As in the previous project, this installation is also used to treat the waste water that is released during the pre-treatment phase of the aluminum profiles. During this pre-treatment, the profiles are degreased, stained and passivated in order to apply a qualitative lacquer layer which protects the aluminum from corrosion.

The pre-treatment line is a vertical tunnel that must be continuously provided with demineralized water. To accomplish this, PCA installed an ion exchanger capable of producing 12m3/h of demin water.  This happens in a closed loop so that a limited amount of waste water is being produced during this process.

The purification phase of the waste water from the various processes of the pre-treatment line is based on a physico-chemical purification with different steps of coagulation, neutralization and flocculation.

In a further phase, the formed sludge is dewatered through a chamber filter press. Plates with filter cloths are used to compress the sludge with a pressure of 15 bar. This water treatment plant is capable of purifying 4 m3/h of waste water. A break tank installed by PCA provides the complete pre-treatment line of urban and rain water.  

water treatment plant  smart systems