Detoxication can cover different subjects.


Removing pesticides and other toxic organic compounds can be done in an SBR or MBR by means of biological digestion.


An example of physicochemical detoxication is the removal of toxic heavy metals like Cr(VI) by reducing them to the safer Cr(III) form, followed by precipitation. Another example of physicochemical removal of toxic compounds is the elimination of cyanides by oxidation.

Most heavy metals can be precipitated as a hydroxide by adding NaOH. Some of the metals however such as As and Hg don’t form a insoluble hydroxide and have to be removed by other means For mercury this can be done with Na2S or TMT. For As, FeCl3 can be used. After precipitation of these toxic components they have to be separated from the water by filtration.

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.