Decantation is an often used purification method.

Both for physico-chemical treatment and in biological treatment installations.

The principle is quite simple: the sludge, which was formed in a previous process step, settles (sedimentation) and is separated at the bottom of the settler, while the purified water passes through.

However, a more detailed look shows that many parameters come into play:

  • Settling velocity of the sludge
  • Sludge Concentration
  • Chemical composition of water
  • Corrosive properties of the sludge
  • Adhesive properties of the sludge
Decantation, PCA Water
Decantation, PCA Water

In some cases, it is best to choose an open settler (round or square), but in certain cases a lamella separator may be used. The advantage of a lamella separator is the possibility of a much higher flow rate on the same ground surface. However, the disadvantage is that the sludge may stick to the lamella, which may result in blockage.

PCA can help you with this technology, both in design and construction of the installation.

Decantation, PCA Water
Decantation, PCA Water
Decantation, PCA Water