PCA took care of the water treatment at Smart Systems

For the construction of their new pre-treatment line (vertical SAT tunnel + immersion booths) a considerable flow rate of demineralised water was required as well as a large wastewater treatment.

Both challenges were entirely in-house developed, produced and delivered by PCA.

The installation includes an ion exchanger to produce 15 m³/H demineralised water in a closed circuit. Thanks to the closed-loop, the demineralised water circuit produces very little waste water.

A classic physico-chemical water treatment is used to purify the wastewater from the pre-treatment line. The basic principle is coagulation, neutralization and flocculation. The formed sludge is separated into a large settling tank and then dewatered into a chamber filter press. The purified water is treated further in a polishing stage and is then discharged.

Despite its location in the UK, this project was also fully executed by PCA using our own technicians and engineers.